The reason I started this website and my low carb over 50 Facebook Group is to give tips, recipes, and support to those of us over the age of 50 who are eating/learning/succeeding in the low carb lifestyle.

Notice I didn’t say low carb diet….I truly believe this is a forever way of eating and not a diet.    I know I need the support this group can provide each of us. There are plenty of groups for losing weight.  Just not any geared towards those of us over 50 and the low carb lifestyle.   We’ve had our ups and downs in life, and can probably relate better to each other, than to a twenty or thirty-something group.

I’m sure I am not alone in being on a constant “diet” over my entire lifetime. I can remember being 13 and eating cottage cheese with home canned peaches instead of ice cream for a “snack” after school. I was always a tall and “chubby” kid growing up.  Now at age 57, I am still tall and chubby!

I know when I eat low carb… meat, chicken, eggs, cheese, salad, cauliflower, etc….  I just feel so much better!  No more bloating, feeling run down, lack of energy or mood swings from sugar and high carbs. After doing lots of research, this is a lifestyle way of eating which works for me.

I am fully committed to this group being a positive place to learn, ask questions, share recipes and help those interested in a low carb lifestyle.